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Student Recognition

Show your students a little effort can go a long way.

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program provides age-appropriate options to help you recognize your students for achieving their physical activity and fitness goals. 

Grades K-3: PYFP Fitness Club

The PYFP Fitness Club provides materials to help students in grades K-3 learn basic health-related fitness concepts, in a fun and engaging way.

How it works :

  1. Select which FitnessGram items you want your students to learn to do. Options are:
    • Powerful PACER
    • Balanced Body Composition
    • Correct Curl-Up
    • Terrific Trunk Lift
    • Perfect Push-Up
    • Stretchy Sit and Reach
  2. Instruct students on the proper form for each selected item. The PYFP Fitness Club teacher instruction sheet can help.
  3. Allow students to track on the PYFP Fitness Club classroom poster when they master a particular item. It may take students multiple attempts or a few years to get there.
  4. Recognize students with the PYFP Fitness Club certificate once they are able to perform correctly all of the selected FitnessGram items.

The PYFP Fitness Club Kit or individual kit items may be purchased from the Awards Store.

Grades 4-12: Presidential Youth Fitness Award

The Presidential Youth Fitness Award recognizes students who score in the Healthy Fitness Zone in at least five FitnessGram assessment categories. If using the Brockport Physical Fitness Test, achievement of the adapted fitness zone or use of an exemption code can be used for students unable to perform one or more of the FitnessGram assessments.

How it works:

  1. Identify the grades in which recognition will be offered. You may choose to recognize students annually or in select grades.
  2. Share with students the criteria for achieving the Presidential Youth Fitness Award.
  3. Order enough recognition items for students who qualify. If using the FitnessGram software, the PYFA Report can help you quickly identify students who are eligible.
    • Note: The adapted fitness zones are not programmed in the FitnessGram software; therefore, if using the software, a manual tally is required for students performing one or more Brockport Physical Fitness Test items.

Physical educators may decide that other students without identified disabilities, such as those with asthma, also need modifications in one or more of the test categories or for award qualification. We rely on your professional judgment to make those determinations. You know your students best.

Ages 6 and Older: Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+)

The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to recognizing fitness.

How it works:

  1. Identify the 8-week period in which your PALA+ challenge will run.
  2. Notify parents a PALA+ challenge is taking place. Encourage them to participate along with their child.
  3. Explain the goals for PALA+ and why staying active and eating well are both important. Help younger students identify the various activities they can do (and places to do them) to achieve their physical activity goals.
  4. Provide students a copy of the PALA+ log. Have students turn in their log to determine who is eligible to receive a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award.
  5. Order enough items to recognize students who achieved their PALA+ goals. Items may be purchased through the Awards Store.