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More Than A Test

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program helps schools achieve excellence in physical education through quality fitness education and assessment practices by providing tools to:

  • teach fitness concepts
  • assess fitness and understand results
  • plan for improvement or maintenance of fitness levels
  • empower students to be fit and active for life.

Upon registration, teachers have access to a variety of resources necessary to implement the program, including:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • PYFP Measures using IHT Assesment Software
  • Technical assistance
  • Presidential recognition for students and schools
  • Access to grants

Get Started

  1. Sign-up via the login/register button. It’s free!
  2. Review the Presidential Youth Fitness Program Checklist.
  3. Determine training, resources and equipment needs that may be necessary to implement the checklist. Completion of the Essentials of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program online or in-person training is strongly encouraged.
  4. Implement the checklist.
  5. Login to to download the school recognition certificate.

The road to becoming recognized as a Presidential Youth Fitness Program School may take some time to travel, but the results will impact students for a lifetime.