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Calculate the cost. Purchase supplemental resources to enhance your program experience.

There are supplemental resources you can purchase to help you enrich your program and amplify your efforts. Use our calculator to find out how much it will cost to take advantage of the program’s supplemental resources. Use any or all of these resources. Part of a district? Consider the benefits of making this a district or multi-school effort.

Items included in the cost calculator may or may not be necessary to implement the program. Items needed or used may vary based on test selection and supplies currently available to the physical educator. Estimated entry level pricing is shown for standard items available from multiple vendors (mats, scales, stopwatches, etc.) . Prices do not reflect costs for shipping and handling nor volume discounts.

Cost Calculator


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Assessment Equipment
Fitness Education and Assessment Supports
Ages 6+: Presidential Active Lifestyle Award
(PALA+) to recognize achievement of physical activity and healthy eating goals
Grades K-3: PYFP Fitness Club
to support the purpose of using FitnessGram in grades K-3, which is to learn proper form, some basic fitness concepts, and to have fun
Grades 4-12: Presidential Youth Fitness Award
(PYFA) to recognize achievement of fitness goals (e.g., Healthy Fitness Zone® standards)

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