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Assess Fitness

Brockport Physical Fitness Test

Fitness is important for all students. The Brockport Physical Fitness Test protocols and adapted fitness zone standards can be used. The Brockport Physical Fitness Test is specifically designed to assess the fitness of youth with disabilities from ages 10 through 17.

The Brockport assessment protocols and affiliated standards can be found in the Brockport Physical Fitness Test manual (© 2015 Joseph Winnick). Portions of the manual including those addressing test selection, administration and standards are available here.

Learn more about the Brockport Physical Fitness Test.

Assessing K-3 Students

It is not recommended that formal fitness assessments be conducted on students in grades K-3. At this early age, students should simply be introduced to the assessment items in a fun and engaging way and, potentially, as a tool to help them learn age-appropriate concepts about health, fitness and physical activity.

The PYFP Fitness Club can help K-3 students learn the protocols and earn recognition for their efforts all while having fun!